Powermac G3 Beige freeze at boot OS 10.2.8

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a Beige G3 powermac with a 466Mhz zif proc upgraded from a 333 - The machine boots off of an UW SCSI hdd and has another UW SCSI hdd that I use for storage. I also have an IDE 52x CDRW, now what I tried to do was take a hard drive that I had in an iMac DV SE and put it in my Powermac since the iMac is now dead (RIP damn analog video/power thing) and I didn't even think about setting the jumpers on the hard drive until it was starting up and it was too late well - It started to boot up and right away the grey apple background came up and then the little circle with the swirling motion starts to swirl and at the same spot every time it freezes still as if there is static on the screen like on a cable TV channel with nothing on it but just in a few areas on the screen.

I just tried apple+v at startup and it's giving me a kernel panic. "We are hanging here" Gotta love the humor at least... Also - the USB card I have in it isn't working, I have it for my optical mouse the mouse isn't getting any power(at least the red light/laser isn't turning on) so I figure this has to be something that has to deal with the motherboard/firmware maybe? I reset the pram and hit the cuda button. Can't boot off a CD - running out of ideas.


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