Memory for PB 1.25Ghz

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There have been simiar threads, but not for this model (as far as i can see)...

I want to buy memory for my powerbook, but i do not want to buy from apple because they are too expensive...

I have two options. buy 2x512 or 1x1024 MB, and I have found the following three chips:

Kingston ValueR DDR SO-DIMM PC2700 512MB_Non-ECC, 2.5V, 64M x 64, 200p, CL2.5

TwinMOS DDR SO-DIMM PC2700 512 MB CL2,5_WLCSP chip, 200pins for notebooks

Kingston ValueR DDR SO-DIMM PC2700 1024M_Non-ECC, 2.5V, 128M x 64, 200p, CL2.5

They are all listed as 200 pins with 333Mhz

Are these compatible ? I currently have 2x256 and im considering going for 2x512 or 1x1024+1x256, but im not sure if the added 256MB is worth the extra cost involved (almost twice as expensive to go with one gig that with two 512).

Anyone have any tips ?




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    I can't help you with the compatibility part.

    I have the same PB. I bought it with 1 x 512MB and later added 512MB. I can't say I saw a dramatic change in performance. For day to day use it seemed the same. Just running Safari, Mail and Tex-Edit Plus and a few others didn't require the extra memory. Running Virtual PC or InDesign it runs better than with 512MB. Based on what I've seen I doubt you would see much difference going from 1GB to 1.25GB except in special cases.
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