is calling photo by largest demension possible?

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Hello. I have a droplet / action that will resize all of my photos so I can put them on the web. The problem is, my cameras all have auto rotate and the action only scales the width leaving me still with very large portrait photos. Is there a way to tell the action to scale the largest dimension?

I would really rather keep it all in the action and not use scripting but if I will need to script it, can anybody make suggestions about that.

I?m using PhotoShop CS. If the platform matters, it is Mac OS X 10.3.6.

Thanks for the help. If you need any clarification please poste or email me Justin (at)


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    Photoshop actions do not have conditional operators, so I am not sure that Photoshop Actions are the best solution. AppleSCript not has the Image suite that can do this easily.
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    you could maybe batch action this:


    dup original layer

    free transform new layer - rotate 90º

    menu: image: reveal all

    resize width(or height dont matter) to desired pixel/percent

    free transform new layer - rotate 90º

    click select new layer in layer palette (action equiv - set selection to transparency layer)


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    It is a little slow on my 12" 1 ghz PB but well worth it to have the PS reducing. tried a resizing program which needed to have the jpg quality ste much higher for comprable quality photos with larger size. I really appreciate it.

    Thanks agian
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    perhaps this may be faster:


    dup original(Background) layer

    free transform new layer: rotate 90º CW

    menu: image: reveal all

    rotate canvas: -90º CCW

    delete original(Background) layer

    resize width(or height) to desired pixel/percent

    click select new (now the only) layer in layer palette (action equiv - set selection to transparency layer)



    What this does is eliminate one of the layers before the resize operation.

    Assuming* the resize is the bottleneck and assuming that 90º rotations are not computationally expensive, this should be (a little less than) twice as fast as it only needs to do the nice bicubic scaling on one layer rather than two.

    * rotations could very well be more intensive based on processor/cache/memory/hd speed.... i dunno
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    I changed my action but i have to go to work in a minute so i won't be able to test it until i get back. Thanks again!
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    when i posted this question i also posted it on the dpreview forums and i recently got this answer which also seems to work. I do not know it it will work on PS 7 but it does on CS (8)


    1. Open image

    2. Click the file menu --> automate --> Fit image ...

    3. Enter the number of pixels you want the longest side of your image to be in both the width and the hight boxes and hit OK.

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    i checked with a friend who has PS 7. It has it and i remember reading quickly online that 6 and below do not. Image-ready CS has it in the actual image size command but i haven't checked versions below
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