wierd problem with my powerbook

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Hi all,

I bought a new powerbook recently, and my friend advised me to unthrottle the cpu by going into system preferences and setting the processor to Highest when the computer is plugged in. However... as soon as I change the settings to "highest" for the cpu, i hear this faint, weird statticy noise rise up from the computer which is definately not the HD. This has me really concerned... the noise goes away as soon as I turn the settings back to normal.

I tried shutting down the computer and starting it back up again (under the Highest setting) to see if that would end the noise problem. It didn't fix it, but I definately heard two faint, but distinct beeps (among the static) towards startup. I hope this gives somebody a clue as to what is going on.


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    does it sound like the scratching could be coming from the fan?
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    I don't think it's the fan, although I couldn't be sure...

    It starts as SOON as I turn it on, and stops immediately when turn it back to automatic. If I keep it on automatic, i never hear that noise, even if the computer is on for hours.
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