iMac DV SE Hard drive jumper settings

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I have the hard drive out of an old iMac DV SE of mine that died and it's a Maxtor Model number 9136OU4 - I looked up on Maxtors site for that drive model and they have one but it's not the drive I have - they say it's a diamondmax or something but on the drive I see Maxtor METEOR_uMAXII - I can't remember but I think in the ASP it used to say Quantam Fireball - anyone have a DV/SE (13 GB)that could check for me?


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    costiquecostique Posts: 1,084member
    What's the problem? If you need a new drive, buy any IDE one. I recommend a 7200 rpm drive. I bought myself a 60GB IBM/Hitachi HD for my iMac DV (450MHz) and it is faster. The jumper settings should be primary master.
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    I should have been a little more clear about what I was saying - I have an iMac DV SE that is dead and I wanted to use the hard drive in it in another machine so I was wondering what the hard drive jumpers should be set to for slave and I couldn't find them on the internet because I couldn't even find anything on the internet having to do with the hard drive info I found on the drive itself.

    But what I did was just leave it as master and changed my cdrw to slave and everything is working fine.
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