new ibook issue

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14" ibook purchased in sep 2004 from frys

never tried to burn a cd till today.

tried one & found out the cd is a cdr only

not a cdrw...

i thought all ibooks were combo drives aka cdrw ?

this puppy cost over 1400$.......

whats my recourse on this ?

the sales reciept & box clearly shows it having a combo drive

while the sys profiler shows it as a cd only


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    your recourse on this is to take, and shove it up their @ss for selling a false item.

    no mercy, no emotions. plain violence.
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    tomjtomj Posts: 120member
    did you check in the system profiler just to make sure it's not a cdrw? and are you using cdrw media if you want to rewrite?
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    plain cdr ..was trying to burn some pix from iphoto

    & kept gettiing illegal command

    a quick look at sys profiler showed the ata device as a plain

    cd no cdr or cdrw capabilties

    btw how long is the applecare on a new product ?

    no i didnt purchase additional applecare
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    Apple products have a year-long warranty attached, along with 90 days of complimentary phone support.
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    ok i went thru a whole gamut of disk perms etc etc

    & a bunch of my unix tricks

    & in the sys profiler it shows the device as

    CD-RW/DVD-ROM & right below that

    Disc burning not supported........

    this is nuts....ill do a reinstall on wed & if that doesnt resolve the

    issue then ill call apple support.

    thanks for all the help guys
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    what kind of a disk are you using? CD-R or CD+R?
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    Originally posted by Gene Clean

    what kind of a disk are you using? CD-R or CD+R?


    didnt know there was a cd+r for cds

    perhaps you're thinking of the dvd standards.

    its a regular blank cd that didnt work in the ibook

    & that i wound up burning

    5 min later on my powerbook
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