external sound card and Z-5500

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Help please!!! I am getting myself the supremely cool Logitech Z-5500's and need to know what best to use to connect them to my powerbook to get full on surround. The M-audio transit and sonica look good but I can't tell the difference. Or should I be using something else? Any ideas greatly appreciated.


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    halijanhalijan Posts: 24member
    I have the same problem. I have the Logitech Z-5500 speakers (how awesome are they) and connect them to my 12" powerbook. Ive also been looking for a external sound card to get the most out of them
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    hujibhujib Posts: 117member
    From the looks of the Z-5500s, they just need a Coax or Optical digital input.

    Check these out:

    Edirol UA1-D


    M-Audio Transit


    M-Audio Sonica Theater


    If it was me, I'd go with the Edirol (Roland) based on expeience with drivers and build quality. The Sonica seems to have a lot more analog outputs, but they are minijack and if you're not going to be needing them. The Edirol UAD-1 is your best bet!

    ... and it's blue
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    It's I while since I posted this one and since then I went and bought the M-Audio Transit which works great. Only annoying thing, it has this habit of stopping my 12" Powerbook from waking up from sleep. It can be cured by downloading the latest driver from M-Audio but its not 100%. It depends where you live, I'm in the UK, but I found the cheapest place to get it was dolphinmusic on the web. Whatever the cost, its definately woth while. Surround sound on those things is unbelieveable.
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