PowerMac G5 & Apple Widescreen

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If one were to purchase a PowerMac G5, is it also important to purchase one of Apple's widescreen cinema displays to go along with it? I get the feeling that I would do the system injustice if I just purchased a regular flat panel display. Would I be missing out on all the system has to offer? Those Apple cinema displays are really expensive!

Also, the dual processor concept is new to me (I know, I know, I'm an amateur). How does it work really? Is it like operating two systems on your pc? I imagine it's a lot faster.

Oh and FYI, I've never really used a Mac before... I wanna switch!

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    I've heard a lot of good reviews on the Dell monitors as well - from a price/performance POV, they are definitely worth considering.

    Personally though, I'm still a big CRT fan. You still can't beat a good CRT for color fidelity, superior refresh rates (games/video) and viewing angle...


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    In short, no, you would not be missing out on anything. Apple's LCDs are great, but it's up to you if the marginal increase in quality is worth it. For some reason, in my experience Apple's displays seem brighter than others, but it sounds like the competition (Dell, HP, etc) seem to be doing a good job themselves. If you're into aesthetics (like I am) you'll discover that yes, an apple monitor looks great next to the G5, especially when compared to the black plastic dells. But it's hard to pay roughly twice as much for a similar display (when dell has their discounts going).

    As far as dual processors go, they basically enhance the multitasking abilities and max operating speed of the machine. I've never actually used one, but I often hear about how people "will never go back to a single processor machine". According to the benchmarks, dual processors make a huge difference in performance.
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    These are some quality responses, thank you for your input everyone! According to Sworthy's comments, I think a dual processor is definitely what I want. I'm looking at purchasing a PowerMac 1.8 dual processor with a graphics card upgrade to the ATI 9800XT. I have also read in this forum that some people buy RAM and hard-drives elsewhere to save some money.

    Although the Apple widescreens are very nice to have, I think I'll have to go pick out a more affordable one. I'll have a look at those DELL monitors.

    You guys have been very helpful!


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