Nokia Ripping of the ipod? (again?)

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Just saw this:

They already ripped the scroll wheel before. On the 7280, but this is more obvious. Keep in mind that this is not a released product.

Anyway, doesn't Apple hold a patent?


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    All plastic moving parts will break in minutes!

    See the carvings on the inner side of the wheel.

    Bad Rip off.

    Buy a licence Finland!

    from the mobile gadget site:

    "So, there are no facts which make the neo a music phone. In our opinion the usability badly disappoints. The navigation wheel which might be cool and functional for an apple ipod is simply tremendous for a mobile phone. Entering a phone number is quite ok but wait till you compase a new SMS ... take some vacation."

    Apple make it work!!


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