Bought PB March '04, can I still purchase AppleCare?

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I bought my PB in PB G4 this past March after they came out with the new 1.5 Ghz processor. It was my first apple product and so I didn't know much about Applecare, nor did I have the extra money for it regardless.

Is it still possible for me to purchase this warranty from Apple?


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    Yes. You can purchase AppleCare until a year after you bought your PowerBook, which would be in March of 2005 in your case.
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    Of course, you could buy ACPP for your PowerBook within 1 year after you got it.
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    pbg4 dudepbg4 dude Posts: 1,611member
    If you don't buy AppleCare you can expect a call/letter/email from Apple pimping the "wonderful benefits" of AppleCare about a week or so before your 1 year period of care is up.
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    chipzchipz Posts: 100member
    Get Apple Care now before you forget it. You have up to a year after you purchase the machine to get the Apple Care. Get it - it's worth it.
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