iMac G4 17" Harddrive replacing

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is it hard to install a new harddrive yourself? Have experience with pc's and we all know, the apple is nothing like the pc (thank goodness in most cases).

We have an iMac G4 17". What would be a good replacement and what interface does it have, just common IDE?


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    It's perfectly possible to replace the hard drive, it's not for the faint hearted though.

    Firstly you'll find supporting the machine while you work isn't easy because of the screen, I opened up the jaws on a workmate, passed the screen through and closed the jaws round the neck gently, this made things MUCH easier.

    Then you have to remove the lower plate and then the base, detach the cables from the motherboard and unscrew the heat pipe (you'll need heatsink compound to re-assemble it) Then you can get access to the dvd drive and hard disk. The HD sits in a bracket attached across the dvd drive. It's a regular old IDE unit.

    It's been about a year since I stripped my G4 and it's been replaced now by a G5 but I hope the info helps.
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    thanks, it's good info, also about the heatsink compound...don't want to have it all done and not having that stuff around....
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    have you seen this link :

    i've bought a hitachi 160gb hard drive and a pioneer dvd-rw to install in my imac G4 15" but unfortunately I have work to finish before i'm able to risk installing them.

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