Safe to use my FireWire hard disk on 10.3.6?

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Okay, here's the problem. I bought a 40Gb FireWire drive a couple of months back as my iBooks 30Gb drive is full of music. After a couple of weeks of having all of my music on said external drive, I realised this was stupid, as this meant that I was using my battery really quickly as my music is in use all of the time, and I am not bothering with the external power cable for the drive.

Thankfully, I dumped all my music back on the internal drive and put files I only use every couple of weeks on the external drive. Having now upgraded to 10.3.6, I need to know if it is safe to use my FireWire drive? I have heard various rumblings that FireWire drives may lose all of their date when plugged into my iBook running 10.3.6, and I also hear that this supposed problem will not be fixed in 10.3.7. What gives? Can I use my drive without losing all of my files? What are the chances of anything going wrong? I haven't heard any complaints about people losing their data on 10.3.6 so is it just a theoretical problem that hasn't really affected anyone? Thanks


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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    never heard of this problem.

    I have a Lacie Pocketdrive FW and a larger 120GB LaCie FW drive. I have a Powerbook 1.33GHz and have no problems.

    where did you hear about these FW problems?
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    Sure it was mentioned in the news article about the forthcoming 10.3.7 upgrade.
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    I use a couple of FW HDs and haven't seen any problems. However, I would suggest you never keep important data in just one place. Whether you are using HDs or DVDs or CDs always keep you data in at least two places. More is better.
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