firewire drive not mounting

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I've just got a 60gb Mach VIII FW800 drive from FirewireDirect. The drive works great with my powerbook and desktop, both running 10.3.6.

Yesterday I went into a company to transfer some files and the drive wouldn't mount on any of their machines (running 10.3.4), even after restarting with the drive connected.

Is it an OS issue, or how I formatted my drive? Is there an app like the old SCSI Probe that will scan the firewire bus and mount any drives there?


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    Was the firewire port providing enough power? FireWire drives can be quite power hungry - did you try using a mains adaptor when using it on the other machine?
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    I've never had power problems before - the drive works fine without AC power on all my machines, the ones it wouldn't mount on are the same dual 1.42 G4s.
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    Seems like a long shot, but did you check with the IT people? They may have installed something to disallow connecting FW devices.
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    nope, my other FW drive mounts fine on their machines.
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    See the 10.3.7 article, this might help.
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    jasonfjjasonfj Posts: 556member
    but I guess there's no app that will scan and mount drives?
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