The hardware is evolving too fast according to developpers.

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Let's face it, the hardware is evolving too fast, and developpers are not able to catch up.

I have a discussion about this issue two days ago, with a programmer. He explained me, that it will take years to see 64 bits software. Tiger will be the first 64 bits software on mac he said. But don't expect to see many software, especially old ones benefit from it. Not many companies will be fool enough to updates millions of line of programmation. Even Bill gates will not do that.

He give me this example : you see this soft ( a medical one) : it took me 2 years to develop it under filemaker pro 6, but now they just released filemaker pro 7. Do you think that I am going to update my soft, dispite the fact that I didn't earn a single penny from my soft yet. I must have my return on investissement first.

And this is the case, for the majority of the big guys of the market.

Same thing arrived with the mac OS X transition. There was not so much, cocoaised new version of software. Just some carbonisation of some soft, that do not take full advantage of mac os X.

It took years to see many software to benefit from the altivec acceleration. And in this case, the clockspeed freeze of G4 chips helped.

In the PC world, the same thing is evident with graphic video card.

It will worse with 64 bits chips.
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