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how do i get them to both play at the same time, when i have my JBL creatures plugged in they play the sound but i want the computer speakers to play too...


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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    is it even possible?
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    im pretty sure thats not possible, given that the computer recognizes the speakers and assumes that u no longer need the computers speakers and turns them off...what would u need the comp speakers for anyway? to hear comp noises?
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    more sound...
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    No they won't and no you don't (want to listen to the computer speakers as well). The computer speakers are crap. That's why you got the creatures. Want more sound? Get bigger speakers. Get an amp. Whatever. Forget the computer speakers.
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    I hope my ibook can do that.

    I dont want hear boing, droplet, or clank sound through my tannoy
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    mmmpiemmmpie Posts: 628member
    I get considerable lag between plugging my headphones in and the sound switching. This leads me to believe that the audio switch is no longer hardware, but software driven. ISTR that Ive also had bugs where plugging and unplugging my headphones wasnt recognised ( perhaps on my iBook ).

    There is no setting to disable the internal speaker mute, or to route sounds to different sets of speakers. But it is conceivable. There is a sound routing application ( search macupdate, the name escapes me ), and Im sure that it would be possible to hack the sound system to run both outputs simultaneously. As to whether or not they output the same stream ( two amps running off of the same DAC ) or have seperate streams ( two amps running off of two DACs ) I cant say.
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    meecesmeeces Posts: 160member
    There is another way to have two streams of music. Pick up airtunes, and you can listen to music through iTunes streamed to airtunes and the system spakers will still/continue to play system sounds, i.e. the warning chimes, etc. The drawback is that if you're playing a game, game sounds will only go through the computer speakers, as airtunes only works with iTunes, but it's a start.
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    Another way is to use a Griffin Imic which will allow the system sounds to play through the internal speakers and all other sound through the external speakers attached to the Imic (USB device).

    S Witty
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