Dual display AGP video cards I can use with my Mac G4/466

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Can people name me some models of video card I can replace the AGP video card on my Mac G4/466. I want to be able to use dual display and if it's a matter of having to buy a DVI-VGA adaptor for one of the video outputs, then thats fine. As long as I can use extended desktop display.

What's the best value for money, even old model video cards that I can use.

I know you can use a DVI-VGA adaptor to use a VGA monitor on an DVI LCD output on the video card, but is it possible for the other way around. Like use a LCD on a VGA output on the video card. VGA-DVI adaptor, does ti exist and does it work well.



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    I've been using a Radeon 9000 on my DP 500 for the last year or so. Seems to do everything quite nicely. Not sure how much they are, but I'm sure you can find some out there...

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    VGA-DVI do exist but they are expensive. I have never tried one because when i needed a DVI for the first time (back on my PC days) i just opted for a nice new video card (i.e. Radeon 9000 128mb).

    see http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/D...converter.html . you will have to scroll down to the second one. It lists at $299.00
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