Help Locked Out Of My Yahoo Account :-(

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I logged in to my e-mail account from work fine two weeks ago and today i can't login with the same login. I didn't change a thing yet my login will not work. I have tried from many computers and still doesn't let me in. I went to the change password and it asks for date of birth and zip code and the rest but i didn't put in real information when i made the account in 2000 as i wanted to 'test drive' it before i would use it, i forgot to update it with real info.

I've had a look at the yahoo page and there is NO help page where i can ask a person for help as to what is going on. I can confirm what is in my inbox and folders but that's all i have to prove my account.

What can i do? This is the first time anything like this has happened. Unless someone at work had a look at me typing my password which even so i do very fast what can i do to get my account back as i have a web site running off the same username :-(

I have sent 4 feedback 'forms' to yahoo with my ID and password i had working for 4 years with and no reply from them in over 2 weeks.

I can't find a forum on yahoo on there site so i can't TALK to anyone about my account....just get a bot reply telling me that got my message and then tells me the same stuff that is on there site.

Is there anything i can do to get my account back or is it lost forever?


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    Thanks for the help guys
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    Originally posted by frank_t

    Thanks for the help guys

    i guess try clearing your browser cache. thats all i can think of.
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    You should send an email to Yahoo Support, maybe someone grabbed your account. It happened to me a few years back.
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    Best I can find is this

    then click the 'no this isn't helpful' and you get a webform to contact them for help.

    Or you can call or write them....

    Yahoo! Inc.

    701 First Avenue

    Sunnyvale, California 94089

    Phone (408 ) 349-3300

    Fax (408 ) 349-3301

    Office Hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the link....i've sent 5 of those to them last week and this week and not once did i get a reply from a human....i get the bot reply which just tells me what there help page says so i'm back to square one again :-(

    Isn't there a real e-mail address of someone that works at yahoo which i can ask? This is really depressing as i'd hate to go out and find a new free web/e-mail host and then need to tell everyone about my new address while my site still stays there :-(

    It's my site on Steve Jobs by the way....
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    frank_tfrank_t Posts: 428member
    I guess i'm F%$# then
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    vetrivetri Posts: 1member

    Hi did u get any solution to u r mail id bcos i cant access my yahoo id 

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    farshidfarshid Posts: 1member

    why my account is lock in yahoo

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    What of a hell of a damn bump.

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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 12,976member
    You don't have a backup email on file for just this situation?
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