Lost Internet Security! (Safari & IE over Jag)

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Hey Folks.

My sister has an iBook, Jaguar installed, DHCP over Comcast, Wireless over Airport. She is getting warnings that her internet connection is insecure, both from Safari and IE (out of date certs, site masquerade, etc, both comcast and Apple gave these errors).

I had her run Software update: she needed a slew of security updates, plus QT, Java, etc. This did not help.

Save me from doing all her internet shopping for her (she didn't pay me back last XMas!).

What would cause all insecure connections from both browsers to all sites ?

What prefs, etc can I have her delete/reset? Utilities to auto-clean up?

Her boys, under their own accounts, have installed numerous games, including live gaming connections that may have opened ports.


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    If you think her machine is compromised, the only real solution is to format the machine. Install the operating system again and run through software update to get security fixed.

    Also, the accounts created for her children should be restricted and administrative access (including terminal access) should be allowed only for a single account. As a matter of fact, create a seperate user for administration, setup scheduled updates and restricted accounts for everyone else.
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