Where does Mail save files? (Or how can I make it)

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Sorry for the ignorant question but where does Mail save emails on my computer? I know it must because even if I'm not connected to the internet and I open mail it has access to all the emails I've allready recieved. It would be ideal for me if each one of these emails had it's own file somewhere on my HD that I could backup.

The reason I ask is because my University is making me delete a ton of stuff in my Inbox because I'm taking up too much space, but I (obviously) don't want to lose all these emails for forever. Is there a way I can delete them from my online inbox but still have copies of them on my HD?

Thanks a whole bunch for the info. Should it matter, I have Mail 1.3.9 on OSX10.3.5. Thanks again.


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    enderender Posts: 353member
    What I did was to make a rule (in the preferences of Mail) that copies every new message I get to a folder called INBOX that I made in the "On My Mac" category. You can then delete it from your university account and it will be safely stored on your mac for your future viewing pleasure.

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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    If it's a POP3 account, there's a checkbox right in the Account setup to do just that.

    For IMAP, the best thing is to create a local mailbox (folder) and just set up a Rule that says essentially "Move any message in My Account Name to My Folder." That will copy the message to your HD and delete it from the server.
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