Address book won't launch

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I don't use it very often, but for some reason it won't launch anymore. I click on the icon in the dock, it bounces up and down and the little black triangle shows up underneath it and that's it, nothing shows up. Nothing in the menu bar either. When I go to force quite, the finder says it's running. Any ideas?


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    Got it goin'. Just dumped the preferences. I wish apple would come up with a way to fix the preferences of an app. For programs like Photoshop, you blow away your colour settings.
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    How exactly would it fix the preferences? Preference files can vary wildly, and in some cases settings that look valid can conflict with eachother, so some sort of DTD would not work.

    There is a feature in the Beta's of 10.4 that will temporarily set aside a preference file if a program crashes a few times in a row, allowing the program to re-build a new, blank, one. You could then compare the new file and the old and try and salvage preferences that way, but that would be a difficult thing to automate.
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    I think that would be great. Anything is better than just dumping them bllindly into the trash. With a lot of apps trashing the preferences doesn't make any difference at all. It just a few where it's a real bitch.
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