logic board problem

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hope this is in the right forum...i have a pwerbk g4 12"....i decided to replace my hard drive...(i tried myself)...everything was going fine until i tried to disconnect the pwer connection cord...i basically grabbed the connector very gingerly and it just popped off the logic board....the micro soldering didnt hold well....im not into blaming anyone here (myself included)...anyhow..its at the apple repair shop...they can naturally change the hard drive...but theyve suggested that soldering the power connector back in place might not be doable by them....

my question is...can it be done?...and by whom...it seems crazy to have to buy a $900(cdn) logic board for something that seems so repairable...nothing is broken...just disconnected...

any advice would be welcome...

please dont rant about me trying to change it myself please...im sure ive learnt something already...thanks


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    oh...just realized that perhaps genius bar is the correct forum...thanks
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    if you don't know what you are doing inside your laptop, you better not DIY it,

    just as another note ... a friend has a certain red / gray color that flinks annoyingly on his 17" powerbook. guess if it is enough to change the cable that connects the screen to the logic board? nope. got to change the 17" screen.
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