Im getting rid of my g4 17"

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Yes im getting rid of it. My father purchased the unit for me since I was complaining to my mom about needing a new notebook for school. He ended up getting me a g4 17" and a ipod photo. While Im keeping the ipod I would like to either sell or trade the G4 for a windows based notebook. Orcourse something within the same price range.

I looked up the price and 2400 neg. sounds like a fair price if im selling. Im located in NY so I can bring it to you. You can shoot me a email if you like @ [email protected]. Ive never opened the box by the way. If your trading I need something top end thats windows based. Thanks guys/gals


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    oops forgot... How silly of me

    The specs are g4 17" 1.5ghz/512mb/80g/superdrive BT/Apx/backlit kb/mac os x-us --- Direct from label

    Any other questions just email me.
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