Replacing OS 9 with OS X

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Hi there!

I could need some help on this - the basic problem:

I need to replace OS X with OS 9 on a iBook G3 (Dual USB), and I´d like to know if everything there is to it is to pop in the OS 9 Install disk and go through the wizard, or is there more, like FS probs etc.?

Thanks in Advance!


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    As long as OS CD that came with the system can still boot, then you should not have a problem installing a clean OS from scratch. The utilities on the CD should allow you to initialize the drive if necessary and formatting is easy.

    I'm not sure if an upgraded firmware could prevent the original CD from booting but hopefully that won't be the case.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Of course, formatting will destroy all your files... (just so that's clear).

    Better to run the Installer (not wizard - that's a dirty word on Macs ), and select the upgrade option. That will preserve everything like your preferences if possible, and make sure your files are safe during the upgrade process.
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