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I have a client that want's to take over a project that was done in Quark. I can convert the file and clean up any text reflows in InDesign no problem.

I am thinking of converting the files to InDesign for program costs. Quark is way more expensive than Indesign & just trying to save him a few $$.

Anyhow, does anybody have any experience converting Mac to PC InDesign files? Any issues other than fonts to be aware of?


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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    What version of quack was it in. You can only open quark4 file in indesign.

    Our XML generated indesign CS files go from PC to Mac to PC with no problems.

    We converted the fonts we use on the pc to the pc and no problems so far.

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    Thanks Dobby,

    But what do you mean XML generated?
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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    We have a webbased catalogue builder that outputs data in XML. We then import the XML data into Indesign and build the catalogues without people touching them. Very fast and efficient. We also have 'creative' clients who change their minds every f'ing minute and these are done by hand in Indesign. The automatic stuff is generated on a PC finished on a MAC and sent to a few client who have Indesign for PC (don't know why!). We have had only font problems as would be expected but dictating fonts to be used fixed the problem.

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    I have suspected fonts would be a minor issue all along (experience from Quark PC to Mac).

    I appreciate your input. Sounds like a neat setup with your catalogue.

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