Hung/Crashed toolbar on iTunes startup.

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Hey everyone. I've just recently started to notice a strange behavior when I start up iTunes: it crashes the toolbar in the upper right hand corner where the control panel item icons and clock appear. Currently I have such items as the clock, language, battery, airport, bluetooth, etc up there. When I toss my mouse cursor over any of them I just get the pinwheel of death. Third party software that is not part of the control panel (like Desktop Manager) still work fine, however.

At first, I was assuming this might be some software that controls iTunes and plops an icon up in that area, but it is not. I uninstalled that software and the same thing happens. I have narrowed it down to possibly a few things. First of all, it is always iTunes and ONLY iTunes that does this. I've tried Mail, Safari, iChat, Terminal, etc, and none of them produce a dead toolbar icon section.

On a fresh restart, the problem does not happen when I start up iTunes. Once the problem does occur, I can log out/log back in to alleviate the issue, but if I load up iTunes again it will just happen again. I need to reboot in order to load up iTunes without it crashing the bar.

I am thinking it can be one of two things, or a combination of both, but can't really figure out why and how any of this can be happening. The only "new" thing I've been doing with my computer is playing World of Wacraft, so I suspect it might somehow be the culprit, but that doesn't make any sense. I do know that when I go to play it, I close iTunes which results in me opening it sometime later. I also have a feeling it could possibly be my computer going to sleep. I don't turn it off if I don't need to, so I leave it in sleep mode all night. I come back in the morning, load up iTunes, and bingo: dead menu bar area.

Any ideas on this quirkyness? I don't even understand why iTunes would fiddle around with anything in the toolbar much less cause it to crash!

(PB 15" 1GHz -- OSX 10.3.6 [latest version of iTunes[)
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