a good place to buy a titanium G4 ac adapter?

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hi my titanium G4's ac adapter broke =[

i still have the piece that plugs into the box and goes to the wall outlet but the square thing and the wire connecting to the laptop has lost all hope

so im asking if anyone knows a really good place where i can get one for cheap? it angers me that these things cost 70+ dollars at applestore! and ive only found one other place selling it at 65!

does anyone have any good sites or any regular stores that might sell this? id reaaaally appreciate it


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    Well I'm glad you asked!

    I had Mine die and needed to replace it.. Apple brand adaptor is way to expensive.. I bought the Macally one.. I'm really happy with it and it still looks good.. not a black block but rather a white one

    any way here is a link
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