Screen Saver Bug: Cant Authenticate?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
To those who set the OS X Screen Saver to require authentication in order to cancel the Screen Saver:

Has anyone seen instances where Mac OS X's screen saver will not authenticate properly in order to "kill" the screen saver? I'm seeing quite a few issues with users who put in valid, properly spelled user/password info in their screen saver, and it REFUSES to let them back in. Only after I come by as an admin and authenticate as a local admin or root will it let them back in. My Macs are bound to AD and my Mac users all have AD user/group accounts.

Does Screen Saver authenticate with Netinfo data regardless if the user account is an Active Directory or local account, or will it actually try and hit a Domain Controller if it can? Im wondering if sometimes a Mac occasionally might have improper user ID info that is incorrectly cached locally?


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    This sounds like a problem I've had where the Mac will "forget" it is bound to AD. If possible, the next time it happens, see if you can give the computer a half-hour before trying the user ID/password on screen saver, as that has worked for me when the Mac forgets and you can't even log in on the main screen.

    As I don't do Windows or AD (that's another department that won't tell me anything), I wouldn't know whether there is a setting in AD about resetting an account after a half-hour that we might have set up. Hope this helps...
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