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In July of 2003, I received a 700MHz eMac as my own personal computer. It was my first Mac, and as I wanted a good computer for a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, this might have been shortsighted, because now that I'm going to be college soon I will need the portability of a laptop. I have an iPod mini and all of my stuff is on OS X, but my family has been being really squeezed for money lately, so if possible I would like to sell my eMac and use the money from that to put towards almost all the cost of a laptop (if not completely covering it).

The power of the laptop isn't really that important, it just needs to be able to run Office, Safari, and iChat smoothly.

What could I reasonably expect to get for my eMac? What laptops should I look for in this subsequent price range?


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    You'll probably be able to get anywhere from $500-700 for your eMac(powermax had a used 700 mhz eMac for $710, so I'm basing it on that), which you can then use to buy a new iBook for $900 with edu discount, or you could get a used iBook probably for $600-700 if needs be.

    Check ebay,, and to help get an idea of what your eMac is worth, also what iBooks are going for.
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