netgear wireless router and airport express

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I am in network hell. I am not able to figure out how to set up the airport express with my existing Netgear wireless router. Any suggestions on where to get information on how to accomplish this? I tried Netgear and didn't understant the poor lady. Apple doen't seem to want to try either. Thanks for any help.


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    There is no guarantee that it will work, there is no real standard for making Wireless routers act as repeaters. There is a semi-standard called WDS (Wireless Distribution System) that both Apple and Netgear have sort-of used, but no-one is doing any testing to insure compatibility except with their own products... so it is always a hit or miss thing.

    MacOS X Hints does have a hint covering this a bit. It might work, or it might not.

    As an aside, this sort of thing was not written into the WiFi spec because the big networking companies (think Cisco level) wanted to keep that sort of thing for their enterprise level boxes, and being proprietary with it was not a problem for them.
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