Partly dead Powerbook :(

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I was using my 1Ghz TiBook last night, surfing the web, when the cursor froze, but the screen remained on. A force-quit didn't work so I did a hard restart. When the power came back on, only the fan started up, and the screen stayed dark, the hard drive didn't spin up and the cd/dvd drive wouldn't accept a disk. I powered off.

Half way through the night i was woken up by the powerbook's fan starting up, even though I had switched the machine off (!). I felt the underside, and it was warm/hot, as per normal...but still no screen/hard drive or dvd drive. Does this sound like a hardware fault? Its all very strange....


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Sounds more like a logic board problem. Start with the easy stuff. Reseat the ram adn airport card. If that does not do it try removing non apple ram and restart. You must sleep with your pb right next to you. My fan which seldom comes on would not wake me.

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