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I have a 160GB external USB 2.0 hard drive that I share between my Powerbook G4 and my PC Desktop to transfer large video files to and from. my problem is that I can't install my Apple software (i.e. Garageband Jam Packs, Apple Motion, etc.) to that external hard drive. This is a huge problem considering two major factors. 1 - The Powerbook on has a 40GB hard drive, and 2 - the external drive is a much faster 7200 RPM drive and obviously much bigger.

I've tried formatting the external drive with every option available in the disk utility with no positive result. Per Apple I also tried install OS X to that drive to allow the software to see it as a bootable drive and the OS X install won't allow me to install to that drive either.

Is there a firmware patch that supports USB 2.0 that i'm not aware of, is this even possible to do at all, or am I just out of luck?

Please help, this is a major problem for me. Thanks in advance for the help.


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    I run apps off an external USB1 hard drive all the time. (My old ibook doesn't supprot USB2.)

    You won't be able to install the OS on the ext drive, but you can certainly run apps from there. Now, if you're trying to install them from the "Install CD", you'll probaby have to install it on your internal drive, then move the app to the external drive (then you can delete the copy on your internal). Then you'll need to re-point any aliases it may have created for you.
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    The problem is that those apps may install components to the operating system (or another program), so they will only install to the main hd.
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    Exactly, and Motion won't function if I move the folder to the external drive. Anyone have any ideas?
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