Help!!! No screen on CRT imac. I forgot to update firmware. oops

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Yeah, I really did it this time. I have a family of macs running on a little home network. G4 Titanium and 2 G3 imacs. Only one of the imacs was OSX-less. So, it was finally time to jaguar it. I started with OS 10.0.3 install disc. Booted fine. Everything worked fine. I then loaded on 10.1 update.

Now this is where i screwed it up. When i installed osx 10.2 on the other imac, a year ago. I remember having to update the firmware. ya know, download some junk from apple, restart, programmer's button all that. Well I didn't do that after the 10.1 update disc. I just started up on the disc 1 of the 10.2 jaguar update clicked install and went out for dinner. I called the house an hour later and had my roommate give me an update on the update. She tells me that the computer restarted and is asking for disc 2. so, i said throw that sucker in there and it will be finished installing by the time i get home. well, i got home another couple hours later and the imac is off. i hit the power button and it starts up but the screen never turns on. Dammit! i give a one-tap to the power button and i hear it click and the power button glows the familiar orange sleep color. so, i figure it booted and all, cause it went to sleep when i asked it. but i couldn't see anything. I restarted it a bunch of times holding the power in for 6 secs-style. nothing. i then tried to boot off all the install discs one at a time. nothin. i then hit the reset next to the programmer's button. nothin. i then zapped pram. nothin. i then did somethin that may have been dumb. i hit the programmer's button. nothin. but now it doesn't even boot with a blank screen, it starts up for about 6-7 seconds and shuts off again. all i've found is this from

which i just stared at with hope that eventually it would tell me what to do if i didn't update the firmware. It didn't ever tell me. so i'm here begging for advice.

So, basically I need to get this thing's screen on (oh, and booting up would help too). then I'll start over and put on the os9 osx and update the firmware. can anyone get me back without having to take this thing apart.

Thanks for the help...


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    You may want to try the link on the right side of the apple support page you linked to that says they are testing the chat based support. It's probably free because they are testing it.

    Edit: I just looked into it and it looks like you need to have applecare, but you may want to try anyways.
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    Will it boot into target disc mode?

    If it does you might be able to hook up one of your other machines and try wiping the disc and installing an OS9 system folder.
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    If you're comfortable doing so, pull the hard drive out, install the firmware updater, (both files) in the "System Folder/StartUpItems/" and reboot. If the screen is still black, put the system to sleep and then wake it up. Should do the trick.
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    Originally posted by jake bullet

    Will it boot into target disc mode?

    If it does you might be able to hook up one of your other machines and try wiping the disc and installing an OS9 system folder.

    Catch-22, methinks you need the Firmware updater applied in order to boot into Target Disk mode.
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    I did this once. I put in my original software restore disks that came with my iMac G3, and that got it back to useable, then I updated the firmware, and then installed the new OS...Good luck, it worked for me...Just insert your disk, restart the computer holding down the C key, and be on your way I hope!
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    I don't think you can get it going again without taking it apart.

    You have symptom S4 from this page:[email protected]

    That will lead you to :

    This will give you a link:

    It is an interesting read.

    All you need is time, ribbon cable, VGA monitor and 4 wires that you will make into jumpers.

    Zapping the PRAM is where you made it a big problem.

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    ijerry, I tried the software restore and all my the other discs. No love. It doesn't stay on long enough to even read the disc. I end up having to do a paperclip eject. Thanks, though.
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    Thanks reg, I think you nailed it. I thought this was going to be simple. Guess not. This page is just what I need.

    I guess this is my next project. I've installed a new logic board in my other imac and swapped drives before, but this job looks a bit intimidating. I am a little worried about getting a crt sunburn in the process, too. I welcome any advice anyone may have regarding the doc above(and tips for not getting killed). I'll embark on this mission as soon as possible, but first i'm going to need an old Mac floppy disk connector cable, i guess. Anyone got one or know where to get one? I'll paypal ya for it. Anyway, thanks everyone. I'll let you know how this goes.
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