Hotmail junk folder cant delete mail

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my hotmial junk folder wont let me empty it. i usually just clik the empty button and a screen pops up asking if i want to delete my mail, i click yes and its gone. but a few weeks ago i had noticed that the screen that pops up has changed and now when i press empty this new screen pops up, i click yes to delete the mail and the box goes away but my mail stays.

the new box says "Are you sure that you want to empty your junk mail folder?

Report all selected messages as Junk E-Mail.

Note: Messages you report as junk e-mail are used by Microsoft to improve the Junk E-Mail Filter. Microsoft may also provide the reported messages to third parties to help combat junk e-mail."

is this happening to anyone else?

any help is appreciated


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    bergzbergz Posts: 1,045member
    M$ revamped HoTMaiL when they did the memory upgrade to compete with gmail, yahoo, etc. So now you can't empty the junk mail from Safari. I know of at least one person on this forum who has had the same problem.

    Solution? Open HoTMaiL in Explorer or Firefox. It doesn't seem to work in Opera either. Or you could use this to delete your junk mail using

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    thanks for the info!
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