how good is Xserve for multiple streaming H.264 encodes?

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My company is looking to encode several MPEG2 streams (or other sources) into MPEG4 AVC / H.264. We know Envivio quite well, but are also looking around for other solutions like Apple's.

Envivios are dedicated machines are generally fantastic. What would I use to encode/transcode and how much flexibility and options do I have?

We would probably encode up to 20-30 maybe even 50 channels @ 512kb-1mbit quality. How many can channels/streams can I do on one Xserve? anyone know? Is it realtimeencoding?

And yes, I realize that H.264 will require Tiger, but ther are also 3rd party encoding software, etc.

Any info is welcome

here are a couple sites I came accross for H.264 encoding
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