why I think there will be new iMac in Jan

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The uk refurb store is open everyday until 24th Dec (it normally opens only on a wednesday) they have all models of "Refurb" imac on there 20% off. I think they are just clearing stock ready for Jan? and these must be new machines, I'm sure they wont have this many "refurb" imacs to offer...


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    maffrewmaffrew Posts: 166member
    The refurbished store includes cancelled orders, as well as actual refurbished ones, so i guess they could very well have enough to keep it open. It does say if something isn't left they email you to tell you your order can't be processed.

    Perhaps you are right, but i seriously doubt it.
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    we played the whole "refurbs are sold out" game with G5's for 6 months before they were updated.
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    Well, IBM is still not delivering G5 chips in the quantity needed to bring a new iMac, particularly just 4 months after they are first introduced. They are barely keeping up with current demand. The PowerMac is suffering from lack of high powered new chips.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    Please use the existing PowerMac G5 spec thread in Future Hardware.

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