'Burb in Britain - London event Jan 8-10?

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So curiousuburb will be in the UK from mid December to mid January.

Most of the trip is to visit my Mom in hospital in (N) Ireland between her chemotherapy treatments and provide some canuck holiday spirit in the cancer ward, but I'm hoping to get a bit of travel and tourist time in early January.

I'll be based in County Antrim about an hour from Belfast, but might swing down to Dublin for a pint, or over the Mull of Kintyre to my favourite scotch distilleries for a tour and tasting (Bushmills tour last trip). Don't think I'll get to Hogmanay in Edinburgh for New Years though it's tempting. Ditto a detour to Amsterdam, though tempting for different reasons.

I currently have a few days in London set aside from Jan 8th to 10th.

Any European members curious to meet and share a drink or gather a group and set a transatlantic trend for AI armbending? Any events worth recommending during these days? Parties to propose?

I spent an inspiring afternoon in the Tate Modern during last September's trip, so galleries are always cool, as are museums and jazz bars, of course. Huygens will be on Titan by then, so my Saturn fix should last me until I get back and can update the thread, but discoveries there can wait if I discover something groovy to do off the Thames that weekend.

So... party plans? Hassan, Gargoyle, Stoo, Sir Mac'O'the Isles... anybody... Bueller?

I don't mean to leave out continentals, given the relative ease of yurropean travel, so should include Anders, Powerdoc, Defiant, Henriok, and others who might be interested... suggestions welcome.

I'll check in periodically (dial-up there), so post ideas or PM me.

Holiday, meet Cheer... Cheer meet Holiday.


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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    So far I have been a prick when it comes to meeting other AI´ers. But as a matter of fact its not impossible that I could be there. Two exams are due on the 7th. So a quick trip to London might not be impossible to celebrate that... Have to consider it
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    Maybe my name is an elaborate double-bluff or perhaps I will actually be in town that weekend, and would welcome the chance of a pint and a spot of culture. With an AI'er or two for a change.
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    I will also be in Edinburgh, if you fancy a detour. Much further afield looks unlikely for me.
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    So, is Hogmanay worth the trip... or is it overbooked, overcrowded and/or overrated?

    I might drop into a University or two to check on Masters programs or teaching opportunities, so it's possible a neighbouring pub might be a potential meet and greet spot, but those dates would likely be the first week of January.

    I'm down for detours to sip Macallan, Glendronach, or Glengoyne at the source...

    Otherwise confirmed in London Jan 8-10th. (Yes, I'll visit the new Apple Store).
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    Originally posted by segovius

    What's your field ? I am working at Edinburgh University till March and may be able to get you some info.

    My Bachelor's was a Major in Economics and as many Art&Technology classes as the University here offered last century.

    After spending most of the 90's in HK building content for advertising/PR, and interactive multimedia firms, I've spent the last few years teaching the tools and techniques at what you'd probably call 'technical colleges' specializing in design.

    Design and media are my focus now, primarily the Adobe Creative Suite from a Graphic Design and technology view, but as a long time multimedia creator, I can also cover DreamWeaver/Flash/Director, some animation and nonlinear A/V work. As a former radio presenter and advertising/PR guy, I sometimes delve into Branding, Copywriting and Marketing courses with perspectives from both sides of the Pacific and experience from dotcom startup to multinationals.

    I've got the credentials for at least the UK equivalent of 'technical colleges', so I'm on the lookout for opportunities to teach, as well as Masters programs with concentrations in Communications, Digital Media, Education, or some synergy thereof.
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    Would have loved to have a drink with you Curiousburb but Im flying into the UK on the 17th of January...... (Im counting myself as a european member on the fact Im from a long line of convict british settlers to the aussie shores)

    But anyway....if anyone ariound London/Southfields way is interested in sharing a pint or two with a fellow mac-freak reply to this post! Will also be in Edinburgh for a few days as well!

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    haraldharald Posts: 2,152member

    Those dates jus' don' wuk.
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    I'm on a plane to South Africa until the 14th of Jan from Monday but I'll PM you my mobile number. The last time I met an AI member I was deep in Billybobsky territory so I think I've got some making up to do.
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