Using a PC Graphics Card into a Mac G4 466

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Is it possible for me to use a Graphics card for PC and install in into my Mac G4 466. Im thinking of getting a Radeon or a Nvidia Graphics card second hand. It sais only compatible with a PC but there are apparently Mac versions of it which is rare to find second hand. I need to use one for dual display. Will a PC one do, and has anyone used a PC version Graphics card for dual display purpose and installed it in their Mac and was successful using it, and it was stable. Can you tell me the models you used as to watch out for ones I should and shouldn't buy.



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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    You would need to flash it. A process which I screwed up.
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    Does that mean that you can't use your card anymore if you stuff up the flashing. Where do I find information about flashing the card. Does flashing a card work on all Nvidia or Radeon cards. What are the success rates, I heard flashing the card is not 100 percent compatible with Macs, and bugs show up on the Mac when you do it to the cards. Can someone confirm on these issues.

    What models of Graphics Cards have people flashed and have been successful with in using on the Mac. Were there any bugs and if so, what were they.

    Need info urgently, about to buy a card.

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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Back when the original GeForce3 came out, You could flash a PC card and load the Mac ROM onto it. This would save you hundreds of dollars.

    More recent generations of a given card have used different sized ROMs for a PC card and their Mac equivelant.

    If flashing goes wrong, you have a dead card. There may be a way to restore it, but I'm not sure about that.

    I have heard that some have had success flashing Radeon 7000 cards, but haven't heard of anyone flashing anything more powerful like a 9800.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    It's a risky thing to do. If I had a unused card lying about, I might give it a try, but if you are trying to buy a card in order to flash it... It just seems more trouble than it's worth. I know Mac cards are more expensive, but they are guaranteed to work.
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Found some info here.
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