"Couldn't save to your hard drive" error??

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With my new mac came a free subscription to MacWorld, I chose the digital version using the Zinio Reader. However When I want to download new magazines the Zinio Delivery Manager, finds the magazine and start downloading (it seems...) but after a short while of spinning wheel, it gives me an error message saying "The magazine could not be saved to your hard drive." After clicking ok, the app quits...

Is there anything to do about this?



P.S. OS 10.3.6; Zinio Reader ver. 1.4.4


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    Well I heard back from Zinio support today, and the issue is caused by a conflict with Virex 7.5

    The solution was to put the download directory on the Virex exclusion list and to turn of the active scanning feature...

    just in case others should run into the same problem


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