Anyone using Matrox RT?

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What are your thoughts on the card: Is real time actually real time for most functions, how does it integrate with the rest of the system does it cause any problems? Does it have a fan?

Im thinking of getting one for a 733mhz G4 for use with FCP3, but am also waiting for the Radeon 9700 will they work in the same machine (will they fit - I think the Radeon is big)


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    I'm not quite sure what the matrox RT is, but if it's an AGP card, obviously it won't fit in the same computer as the radeon.

    If it's an analog/digital video input/output codec PCI card, then yes, it should work in real time alongside the Radeon. You wouldn't need to have it in the PCI slot adjacent to the Radeon, and I think that as long as it does the calculations, the Radeon will print the screen. Of course, your best bet is to email Matrox.

    I used to have an Aurora Fuse, and it did one layer of real time stuff as opposed to 3 layers. (And it didn't do the 3d stuff, but since my videos were 3d rendered animations, that wasn't necessary). I used it alongside an ATI Radeon card in a Yosemite, with the Radeon taking care of the screen and the Fuse taking care of the video stream. The Fuse was connected to an NTSC monitor, and the video out of the fuse was only the actual DV portion of the video going to the computer screen. This is fairly typical procedure in the world of NLE digital video.

    You may also want to check out Aurora. Their products have a tendency to kick the competitions' collective ass, and they are HUGE supporters of the Mac.

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    Checked out Matrox. I see that it's a mid-range product. I thought it was higher end, given my prior knowledge of Martox products. The Aurora stuff is general high-end, and thus it's more expensive. The Matrox card is probably the better bet unless you're really serious. $600 seems like a pretty good deal. You should call them.

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    Gotta keep in mind that Matrox's support is poor. Very poor
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    Plus RTMac does not support FCP3 in OS X.
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