UT mouse pointer problem

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I installed Unreal Tournament (the very first one of them!yeah!!back to the roots eheh) and the stupid mouse pointer appears while I'm playing right in the center of the sreen and there's no way to get it out of there, I noticed it's a black pointer so it's probably from os x since the mouse pointer in UT is white. It also appears in the menu, so while in the menu I have two mouse poiters(lol): one black (right in the center of the screen unmovable) and one white that moves normally and works fine in the in game menu...

I have a PB G4 12". A friend of mine has an iBook G4 14" and doesn't have any problem. Is it because of the graffic card ? I can't understand, it really upsets me to have it right in the center of the screen while playing (right on top of the crossair). Anyone knows what the problem is ? anyway around it?




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    Its been a looooong time since Ive played the original UT, but I dont remember any graphical errors of the sort. You mentioned OS X, so Im assuming you are either running it through Classic or have installed the OS X update to it. If you are running it through Classic, try booting up in OS 9. If you have installed the OS X patch, then check around on the patch's website to find any known issues.
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