iSync and the SPV C500 Smartphone...

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I want to get the SPV C500 phone, which runs Windows and does a whole ton of cool stuff (more details here) on the Orange network in the UK. Can I use iSync to sync the phone with my email or do I need another app so the mac can see it (plugging a friend's SPV C500 into my Mac running 10.3 via USB did diddley squat, although it syncs happily with his XP machine).

Thanks in advance folks!


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    akacakac Posts: 512member
    You'll need PocketMac for SmartPhone to make it work.
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    I've got one of those! Great phone .

    I got PocketMac for Smartphone, but couldn't get the sync function to work . I could connect OK using the USB cable and get photos off etc., but syncing would just lock up.

    If you have any luck, or find any other solutions, please let me know, as I'd love to be able to sync with my Mac.

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