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My new iMac arrived yesterday, im very very happy with it. In fact i havent been able to get away from it. I can't believe how quiet it is, i hate turning on my pc now its so loud in comparison. Anyway, ive just upgraded the ram and am thinking of installing a new HD, the only problem is, i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good way of copying the data from the hd currently in the imac to my new one so i don't have to reinstall everything. I have a pc and the iMac so i guess the only way to do it is with backing everything up onto DVD's and copying it all onto the new hd somehow?

If anyone could help that would be great.




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    set up a home network, and using the share function, copy the things from your iMac harddrive to your PC harddrive and then copy 'em back when you're done installing your new hardrive.

    if you want to preserve the OS and all... aa far as I know, you need an external harddrive, install a copy of OS X in it, make it bootable, make the current OS in your hardrive 'archive and install', save it in your external drive, install the new drive, boot from the external drive, and install the old system in your new drive from there.

    but this is just too much work. a clean install is always recommended after a purchase of a new Mac. I do it anyway.
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    If you just bought the iMac, there's nothing on the HD but what came pre-installed. Why bother backing all that up, when it comes with a set of install/restore CDs? I would just use those on the new HD after you put it in. I guarantee it will be faster and easier than trying to backup the system to DVDs.
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