so, when will these apple apps get updated?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
just curious if anyone has heard rumbling of updates for any of the following:

- garageband (i've noticed so many strange things occur int his app, even after its initial update... maybe a 1.5 update?)

- keynote (while a great app, i have read of some people's issues with expected, missing features they would like to see. it would also be nice to see some of those core image transitions come over, like the bubbling fade in effect)

- appleworks (yeah, yeah, it's time for our bi-annual "what the hell is going on with appleworks?!?" thread)

seems like apple's music apps are getting the lion's share of the spotlight these days. i know tiger will be front and center for macworld expo, but here's hoping they make mention of a few of these apps getting their updates.

oh, and of course, feel free to add any apps you would like to see updated soon.


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    I'm hoping MWSF has Keynote 2 and Appleworks X.

    iLife Tiger can bring us Garageband 2 along with other updated components.
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