MWSF 2002 Reality Check

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Apple is hyping MWSF way too much. Apple will not release a ton of new products at MWSF; Apple will release some new products at MWSF. If Apple did release a ton of new products at MWSF there would be nothing new to release at MacWorld Tokyo. MacWorld Tokyo is a very important show for Apple and for Japan. Japan is the largest Mac committee outside the US. If Jobs just reviews the products that were announces at MWSF, the market share of Japan would fall big time.

MWSF 2002 will be just like the previous MacWorlds. Tons of Mac users will set them self up for major disappointments and they will be pissed off at Apple because they didn?t get what they thought they were going to get.

This is what will happen at MWSF 2002:

1. Jobs will come on stage and take about the ?success? of the iPod. He will talk about how much praise the iPod has received from various media and news organizations. Then he will talk about how the iPod has been good for Apple by bring many people to there retail stores.

Then, Mac users will be pissed off because the price has not changed, and that there is no accessories kit standard. PC users will be pissed off because there is not support for Windows or Linux.

2. Jobs will then talk about the successes of the Apple retail stores and list off a few new ones.

Then, Mac users will be pissed off because they don?t have an Apple Store one block from home.

3. Next Jobs will talk about OS X. He will give the same speech about how it is the world?s most advanced operating system, how revolutionary it is and how beautiful Aqua is. He will then talk about how many people downloaded the two updates. Jobs will next show off a new version of OS X and a new transition chart showing that the transition is taking longer then expected?again. The transition will probable be pushed back until about June or so. About three months longer then the chart Jobs showed off at MWNY. The transition chart Jobs showed at MWSF 2001 showed that by summer of 2001 the majority (or major, I don?t remember exactly) of the applications would be out. It?s now 2002, and the majority of the applications are not out yet.

Mac users will be pissed off because window resizing will still be slow compared to OS 9. This new version of OS X will still be missing FAX software, sound in and power management for notebooks. Not to mention that the DVD player will still play DVDs in double wide screen.

Jobs will not mention how Apple messed up the 10.1 upgrade program by not making it clear to retails on how the upgrade plain was going to workout.

4. Jobs will now show off new versions of popular application for OS X. With so and so from Adobe, he and Jobs will show off PhotoShop and GoLive for OS X. Next with so and so from Macromedia, he and Jobs will show Flash and FireWorks for OS X.

Mac users will be pissed off because these critical applications are not coming out until mid February, instead of January 7.

5. Jobs will now most likely introduce the G5. It will be 64-bit with DDR RAM in a new case or new color case. The G5 will also have 800-Mbps FireWire and USB 2.0.

Mac users will be pissed off because the G5 is not in high enough GHz, no dual processor model and that the prices are too high compared to the G4s.

6. Jobs will now do the famous PhotoShop battle. It will be the G5 running OS X against a Pentium IV with much higher GHz running on a Windows XP machine. The Mac will win the battle and once again. Duh! Anyone who uses PhotoShop knows it?s faster on the Mac. How times do we have to see this? For once show a different application. Show Solitaire and let?s see how fast those cards fly on the G5!

7. Now for the BIGGEST disappointment of the show, NO LCD iMac! Duh! Apple will not introduce an LCD iMac not now and maybe not ever! Just because the demand is high for an LCD iMac doesn?t mean Apple will release one. Remember all the rumors of a 17in display iMac? The demand was super high, and did Apple ever release one? No!

An LCD iMac is not good for Apple. For one thing the form factor would have to change. The iMac?s form factor is a symbol of Apple. If it where to change it would be bad news for Apple because people would have a hard time associating it will Apple. This is why the iMac?s form factor didn?t really change that much when the second revision was introduced in October of 1999. Second, an LCD iMac would most likely be in two pieces. This is extremely bad. The iMac has got to stay one piece. One piece is easier to move around and looks nicer on the desk. If it was two pieces people could just disconnect the LCD screen from the CPU, sell the screen on eBay and buy a bigger screen. Apple does not want that to happen. If that happened sells of the tower would fall. Third thing, the price. The price would be too high for a consumer computer. The price would be at least $1800. Apple would lose tons of money with a price that high. Apple has to make profits.

Having a midrange computer is bad for Apple. Apple has learned from the cube mistake. Keeping the product line simple with pro and consumer is good for Apple. It shows how simple and easy Apple products are and the shopping experiences.

Apple will introduce new iMacs, just not an LCD iMac. The new iMacs will have faster G3 processors, more memory with bigger hard drives and maybe new colors. The high-end model will most likely have a combo drive.

8. Now for what will make the keynote worth wild, a new consumer digital deceive. I believe it will have to do with digital photography. It will be small and light like the iPod. Use FireWire to transfer the images to the computer instead of USB. It will have a good size LCD screen for viewing the pictures and large hard drive for storing tons of digital pictures.

Mac users will be pissed off because it will coast too much, probable about $800.

I don?t believe we will see iPhoto. Apple would probable just release a new version of Preview with more features. It will be like GraphicConverter, but easier to use for the average Joe.

At the end of the show Jobs will run the StarWars, Lord of the Rings, or the Spider Man trailer and say, ?Our product line has never been stronger? and walk off stage with everybody watching the keynote pissed off at him and at Apple because they believed the rumors to be true and that Apple didn?t release enough stuff. Then these people will come here and bitch some more about the keynote and how the products that where introduced suck.


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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    uh, Tokyo would get the portables reved.
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    glurxglurx Posts: 1,031member
    I don't think anyone on this board is capable of cashing a reality check. Especially 4 days and 14 hours before the keynote.
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    And oh yea- All I care about id the G5. They release it at at least 1.2ghz and I will be blown away.
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    erbiumerbium Posts: 354member

    I believe MWSF is going to be Desktop systems only, and whatever other cool things Apple introduces..

    Macworld Tokyo will most likely be the time where Apple updates the speed of the iBooks, and maybe makes some changes to the TiBooks... (although they were just updated with CDRW drives..)
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    [quote]Originally posted by iStudent:


    Word <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />

    Except I think it will be the other way round with the LCD iMac and G5
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    Well, lets look at the facts ..ok.

    1) Qunata has has be contracted by Apple to make a non-portable LCD based device of some sort. Chinese papers are reporting that quanta is in probably producing LCD iMacs.

    2) Apple is clearing the channel of current iMacs (as well as iBooks).

    3) Apple has placed orders for additional 15in LCDs.

    I highly doubt Apple will not ship an LCD iMac... or at least some sort of new LCD device.
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    And as for the G5. The G5 chip is done. You can already buy hardware based on the g5 variations. Moto is shipping these things.

    Apple will probably use the MPC8540. It is a 32/64 bit processor with support for 333mhz DDR (the sh*t) and rapid I/O. Moto is currently listing the chip at 600mhz to 1ghz. Apple may get ahold of something faster though. Moto is holding out on a lot of CPU deatils because of Apple...more will probably get posted after apple ships the G5 tower. Moto does this kind of stuff all the time.

    Here... read up on the g5... it looks sick.

    <a href=" 67M98655" target="_blank"> ps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=MPC8540&nodeId=03M9430304504 67M98655</a>

    FURTHERMORE The Hypertransport I/O link technology is also done. As a matter of fact it is at version 1.03 and specs are public. <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; Apple is a member of the Hypertransport consortium and the technology is greatly needed in Apple's pro boxes. Motorola current G4's aka, the mpc7451 only support the current 133mhz bus frequency....which is horably slow. As you can see from the above G5 page at moto, the g5 is going to finally do away with all of this garbage. Hypertransport is exactly what apple needs to hook up to the fast I/O of the g5. These technologies really don't do much good on their own.

    Well, anyway.... I could go on and on. But lets just say the g4 pro boxes are near the end of the line. They are horably slow...even the new ones. Apple knows this... it boils Steve's blood. Apple needs DDR, a modern CPU, and faster bus speeds. Hell they needed this stuff 8 months ago. All of the technologies that Apple is looking at can not be simply peiced into g4 pro boxes. I don't want to get into a geek hardware explaination...lets just say it's all or 'nothin. Ok.

    In addition to some sort of LCD desktop some-thing-or-other, Apple needs to ship the g5 desktop. The g4's are just plain silly for pro desktop boxes. I might just jump the platform ship if Apple doesn't totally revise them soon. My poor little macs have been getting toasted by my office's AMD boxes for a long long time now. Even in the holy grail that is photoshop.

    I don't think some of you young folks realize how important it is for Apple to totally revise the desktop line now. iMacs are not selling. They need to catch up with modern style and technology. Moreover g4 pro machines are a freek'n joke. Honestly

    [ 01-02-2002: Message edited by: Aqua OS X ]</p>
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    I am convinced that everyone who says Macs are slow don't own one or use one.

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    cobracobra Posts: 253member
    Apple is an American company.

    America is a huge market for Japan and I do not see the Japanese making a whole lot of big announcements in America.

    Mainly in Japan.

    How about them releasing a game console in the states first. More sell here than in Japan.
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    jwdawsojwdawso Posts: 358member
    [quote]Originally posted by Aqua OS X:

    <strong>And as for the G5. The G5 chip is done. You can already buy hardware based on the g5 variations. Moto is shipping these things.


    Aqua OS X - so are you saying Apple WILL announce the G5 at MWSF? or WON'T? or SHOULD?
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    mmicistmmicist Posts: 214member
    [quote]Originally posted by Aqua OS X:

    <strong>And as for the G5. The G5 chip is done. You can already buy hardware based on the g5 variations. Moto is shipping these things.

    Apple will probably use the MPC8540. It is a 32/64 bit processor with support for 333mhz DDR (the sh*t) and rapid I/O. Moto is currently listing the chip at 600mhz to 1ghz. Apple may get ahold of something faster though. Moto is holding out on a lot of CPU deatils because of Apple...more will probably get posted after apple ships the G5 tower. Moto does this kind of stuff all the time. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    This chip (8540) is due to be available in the second half of 2002, it is not available yet in quantity. It is also completely unsuited to Apple's requirements, it has a 32 bit core, with fewer execution units than the 7450, no FPU, and no Altivec. It is an embedded processor for the communications market.

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    notarnotar Posts: 23member
    how much did you know from moto about the G4 before he was introduced?

    if moto has a G5 for apple, you won't read anything about it before the keynote has ended.

    just wait a while
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