iBook Memory Question

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So I've got 512mb on my Window machine, and it runs great for what I do with it. When I get an iBook, does it make sense that 512mb (in total) will be enough as well? For me its not a matter of "buy as much as you can afford", its a matter of being thrifty without sacrificing speed. iBook uses would probably be limited to iLife apps, word processing, and wireless internet. No heavy photo or video editing. What do you guys think?


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    pyrixpyrix Posts: 264member
    You will deffinatly appreciate more than the std 256mb of memory on ANY machine. Studies by APC mag show that performance for most people is just about there with 512mb, and at 1 gig, the performance gains of going higher are neglible

    The long and the short of it is this: 512mb is enuff.
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