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So I have been on this iPhoto mission as of late, and have gotten a lot of advice off of these forums. Here is my latest problem:

I have been working to slim down my library. I had imported the whole thing from an external HD, with duplicates and all. It seems as I come across certain pics, some seem very pixelated, not very sharp. But when I look at a picture taken with the same camera that is an original, it is sharp.

Is it possible that the duplicates are like this?


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    Originally posted by tonton

    Oh, I think I know what's wrong with your photo collection. You must have re-imported an iPhoto library (or the library from another photo organizing application) back into iPhoto. The iPhoto library contains all of your photos, and also contains thumbnails for all of your photos. The pixelated duplicates you're seeing are the thumbnails.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Is it normal when you re-import to have the thumbnails displayed like that. If I recall, when you do a camera import, you never see the thumbnails.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Yes, because when you re-import, it treats *any* picture file it finds as new material... including the thumbnail cache pictures that iPhoto creates in the first place for its own use. So you get the normal pics, *and* the thumbnail pics all in the iPhoto data folder, which are then *all* imported into the library.
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