Batch conversion Tool? (Video)

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi there!

I´d like to encode some DVDs to Quicktime (Xvid), and I´ve been searching far and wide (Versiontracker, Google), but I coudn´t find a tool that also features batch conversion of stuff since I want to run my iBook straight through some *.VOBs. I tried OpenShiiva, FFMPEGX etc., but none of them seemed to have a batch workflow...

Any ideas?


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    I'd recommend Handbrake, it's not really batch software, but it's bloody good! It's the best bit of software I have seen in a long time. I'm going through some of my favourite DVDs converting them so I can always go to that brilliant scene anywhere I may be

    There's also a thread about it here.
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    Thank you for your advice, but unfortunatly, this app has no batch conversion.

    Hmm..too bad these apps don´t have apple script support..maybe I could do something then.

    Any other ideas?

    Edit. Just looked at the screenshot of the upcoming Version, and it seems that this little "add to queue" button would do just what I want...
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