"iMac, pivot left...tilt up..."

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Was messing around with the Speech stuff in OS X last night and this morning and someone at work commented about how "since the iMac just LOOKS like an alien's head...".

I got to thinking...

Wouldn't it be supremely bitchin' if there was a little motor in the arm of the iMac and you could control the tilt and swivel of the flat panel iMac by voice?

Say you're across the room, to the side of it and you just say "iMac (or whatever you call your computer in the Speech set-up Preferences), rotate left...stop. Tilt up...stop". So you could see the screen while you're doing something else.

I know. A silly, useless gimmick. AT first glance.

I, however, think it would be cool. Talk about adding life and character to a computer. And, for those with disabilities and all, wouldn't this be a great thing? They could angle the screen precisely how they need it without touching it.

You see that commercial with the iMac in the store window acting all human. This just plays on that, but in a pretty cool (perhaps useful?) way.

My place is set up in a pretty long way. Sometimes I'm in the kitchen doing something, or in a room directly off to the side of my desk. I'd love to just be able to - from where I'm standing - command, with my voice, where I'd like the screen to pivot, raise, lower and/or tilt, so I can see a website, continue watching a DVD or QuickTime movie, check e-mail (visually see if anything was received), etc.

Have I just had too much Dr. Pepper and not enough sleep or is this halfway cool?

P.S. - When this feature (either through Apple or some forward-thinking third party company) comes to be, remember you heard it from your good friend Paul, late one night.


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    Yeah, and you could be wearing your Bluetooth headset and tell your mac what to do from accross the room.
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    And then have an iTunes plugin to make it dance to your music.
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    And then take it to the shop when the motor burns out.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    I think it would be very very cool, but a little bit useless, no ?
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    Very cool indeed... but I think if it's not useful enough Apple probably wouldn't go for it.
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    ... but wouldn't it be even cooler if the screen just followed you? That would realy make it seem alive.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Apple will add something cool if it doesn't cost too much to add... unfortunately this would cost way too much to add and most people wouldn't use it. But doing something like making the base on the 17" CRT Studio Display into a Mobius Strip, or giving the iMac's LCD screen a clear "grip ring" around the edges is cool while not expensive, so why not do it?
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    Sounds cool P. Don't know if I'd want to fix it or not, but it sounds cool.

    I like BPR's idea of having a little camera in it that would let it follow you - especially if you were using iPhone (the app or whatever) and you could move around while talking to your family long distance.

    And it would have to be a quiet motor. No noisy gears or anything.
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