is there a huge difference of performance between powerbook and ibook ?

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hi there

without considering that there would be an update of the powerbook in 3 weeks,

is there a huge difference between powerbook and ibook ?

the ati 9200 sucks for games but i won't play

for a comfortable use, is 768 Mo of RAM enough for applications such as quark xpress and photoshop cs on an ibook ?

or should buy a powerbook and put 1 Go RAM ?


(ps: i didn't find any bench comparing ibook and powerbook)


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    i feel like the biggest differences between the two lie in the overall feel of the keyboard and casing and the snapiness. powerbooks feel much more solid than ibooks, and the OS seems to be a bit more responsive. nothing a little extra ram cant fix though.
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    I agree with above but i want to add the reason i went with a powerbook.

    If you plan on hooking it up to a larger monitor that LCD and is worth it salts, you will need the powerbook. The 15 and 17 have DVI to connects and the 12 has mini-DVI so you can witht he included adapter. iBooks have mini-VGA so all you can do is VGA as opposed to DVI with a powerbook
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    does it make a big difference between dvi and vga ?

    in terms of what ? better quality of image ? responsivenesss ?

    i was told to install screen spanning doctor if i choose the ibook in order to extend resolutions and do dual screen
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    If you want to hook it up to some displays such as any apple studio display you need DVI. Also, most good LCD screens are DVI. I think it is probably a better quality signal being digital.
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