I cannot beleive Roche is selling their HCv drugs here!

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Hey all

I was the National HCV trainer for the Harm Reduction Coalition for the last 2 years. Roche paid my rent this past year; the year before Ortho did. You know how they say don't bite the hand that feeds you? Well, I did, and I am. Actually, Roche may ort may not have cared about what I was saying. But my direct boss did, as I started questioning the facts of this disease, and AIDS, too. I will tell you this, as liver disease becomes more endemic in Western societies, and more people are prescribed it (pegasys/riba and pegintron/riba), the entire disagreement about the origins of HCV, it's morbidity and mortality, the cause and effect (up til now there has been little demonstrated connection between the HCV and actual disease, other than liver inflammation-some), the effectiveness of the standard treatment, the cost/benefit ration of tx vs doing nothing, etc will disappear, swept under the rug by an emerging industry (HCV, and other forms of hep, and liver disease), just like what happened with AIDS/HIV.

So, beware and do your research, well. Peg/riba can have serious side effects. It's not a tx to be to taken lightly.


PS Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have HCV, and anitbodies for HAV and HBV. Never had actual jaundice before, and only a few times when I had symptoms that approximated Hep (at it's WEAKEST, similar to minor food poisoning) To tell the truth, maybe I had vaccines, and forgot, or maybe I had them, and didn't know it. Or I had immune globulin. Who knows? I don't even know how I got it. Problem is I've had potential symptoms of liver disease (psoriasis, dark circles under eyes) since I was a kid. (Why would psoriasis jump out at age 13: hormonal changes?) And then nothing, til age 38, when I started getting elevated liver counts. Only recently have I seen more evidence: some wierd stuff that may or may not be onset of diabetes.

Oh, and is it possible I got HCV from needles? Yes, I've shot drugs for many years. But only shared on a few ocassions. From sex-very likely if I got it during childhood (enough said); otherwise no. and defintely not tatoos (don't have any). Dentist? Who knows. Maybe I was born with it-my dad was a WW 2 vet.


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